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Heritage Time Works' opus is to create truly faithful heritage timepieces that merge the very best elements of modern horology with the magic of vintage design to re-create the magic of times past, for those discerning watch lovers of today. We are very proud to partner with Tempus Machina Watch Company and to have finally found an outfit that shares the same passion, expertise and obsession with detail as we do. Tempus Machina is driven by a passion to build watches that represent a perfect balance of modern and vintage that unites several generations of legendary models.

May we present to you their breathtaking pieces, the References 216A and the new 809H.

Limited Edition Models
216A and 809H

Both models represent a tasteful modern interpretation of the classic Submariner from the ’50’s as well as the early ’60’s. The Tempus Machina Ref. 216A encapsulates all the trademark features of the iconic Ref. 6538 “big-crown” Submariner that cemented Rolex’s position as the leader of luxury sport watches.

Revered by collectors world-wide, the “pointed-crown guard” Ref. 5512 Submariner is synonymous with elegance, rugged durability and versatility. The Ref. 809H is faithful to the original in every sense.

Tempus Machina Watch Company has set the bar to which very few of its peers can reach. We are proud to be associated with them and urge you to learn more about their inspiring work.